Out of hiatus

Anchored outside of Puerto Penasco after an overnight passage with our buddy boats Katannu and Boomerang, waiting for sunrise and better visibility to enter the harbor.


This blog has been on hiatus for almost a full year. In a time of society’s dependence on social media, it has been a nice break not to feel any pressure to keep to a posting deadline, to be publicly visible, or to feel any subconscious comparison of our lifestyle to those of other travelers. But eventually, it’s become time to log our travels for posterity and to ensure everyone that we haven’t died yet. In the meantime, we have been sailing all the way up the Sea of Cortez to Puerto Penasco. Last year, having had enough of the relentless desert heat, we decided to haul Monsoon in Puerto Penasco and return to Ohio, and then to Malaysia to visit family, in what has turned out to be a timely side trip, right before the worldwide travel restrictions came into effect due to Coronavirus. That brings us to the present time, where we are currently obeying travel advice and keeping a low profile in the Puerto Penasco yard, fixing and making upgrades to Monsoon, only poking out of the gated yard area for provisions and other necessities. As the summer heat intensifies daily, and with Mexican travel rules in constant flux, we have decided that here is the most secure place to be in light of the approaching hurricane season. 

So while all of us are slowly going stir crazy in home confinement, please enjoy this backlog of travel stories. 

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