Isla Carmen

  Up to this point, I can say that Isla Coronado has been my favorite anchorage. But with the allure of an abandoned salt mine over on the next island, which I had been looking forward to since before our accident, it was time for us to move on to new adventures. First, we made […]

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Isla Coronado

On this blog, I try not to write about unhappy experiences or have negative opinions, as these are not the things I want to remember when I look back on my own entries in the future. But we should not ignore the elephant in the room. In March 2019, Monsoon got into a wreck in […]

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Out of hiatus

  This blog has been on hiatus for almost a full year. In a time of society’s dependence on social media, it has been a nice break not to feel any pressure to keep to a posting deadline, to be publicly visible, or to feel any subconscious comparison of our lifestyle to those of other […]

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Baja Peninsula roadtrip

Traveling on a boat affords us a lot of time to absorb the spirit of a country at our own pace; to enjoy cheap and authentic food prepared in non touristy areas, participate in activities done by the locals, and watch the changes in year round weather. However, one thing that we do miss out […]

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Agua Verde

As we pulled in to the crowded anchorage of Agua Verde, we were thankful for having the shallow draft boat that we have. At only 4.5 feet deep, we can snuggle in closer to the beach than most boats. From the 50 foot middle of the bay, we slowly edged in and dropped anchor in […]

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Bahia El Gato

In the Sea of Cortez, a few anchorages have built loyal fan bases; seasoned cruisers praise their beauty and protection, and pass the word on to future visitors that places such as Isla San Francisco and Agua Verde are must-sees destinations. Consequently these places are always crowded, and although they make good rendezvous points to […]

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Isla San Francisco

  In the middle of the Sea of Cortez lies a small island with a big personality. At only 1.5 square miles, San Francisco Island is home to steep rocky hills, flat dry scrubland, white salt flats, pebbly beaches and rocky reefs. With a view of the majestic Sierra La Giganta to the west, the […]

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Isla Espiritu Santo south

    Caleta Candelero A popular spot for tourists arriving from La Paz by panga is Candlestick Cove. With its iconic detached rock topped with cardon cacti, Caleta Candelero makes for a picturesque campground, surrounded by easily accessible reefs full of colorful fishes.  Arriving on the beach, the first thing we noticed was a large […]

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Isla Espiritu Santo north

Dropping our anchor in the shallow cove surrounded by cacti studded cliffs, we breathed a sigh of relief. We watched the setting sun glow red against the undulating sandstone as we enjoyed the comfortable Mexican winter weather on deck. Gone were the sounds of traffic, to be replaced only by the occasional bird call, or […]

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Todos Santos

One downside of cruising on the ocean is that our actual travel radius is usually limited to walking distance away from viable anchorages. So in La Paz, we were delighted to find bus services to Todos Santos, an art community on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula. Due to steep ocean drop offs and […]

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