Channel Islands

The Channel Islands is a group of 8 islands 20 miles south of Santa Barbara, known as the Galapagos of California. It is home to a huge variety of plants and animals that have evolved in isolation and thus can only be found here, and are especially vulnerable to competition from invasive species. The National […]

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Santa Barbara

Sometimes it takes the simplest things in life to make you happy. Our departure from Refugio came courtesy of an aggravatingly rolly night at anchor, waking up from storm nightmares at 1am to be greeted on the radio by a foreboding 3 day long small craft advisory/ gale warning from NOAA, followed by a confusingly […]

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Our sail from Sacate to Refugio was a short one; only 11 nautical miles. This time for a change, we sailed the entire way, even though the wind was so light we barely made 3 knots the entire way. It was easier to have the patience to sail so slowly when it wouldn’t be an […]

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Point Conception

At last, it was the moment for us to cross the dreaded Point Conception. We had heard all kinds of horror stories about this area; it was nicknamed the Cape Horn of the Pacific, not something to take lightly as Cape Horn is considered the most dangerous area in the world to sail. We had […]

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Morro Bay

Morro Bay came highly recommended to us; visitors praised the abundance of wildlife here and its relatively small town feel in a state where everything is gentrified. Entrance into the harbor is scenic, with the iconic Morro rock at its entrance, a 581ft volcanic mound which in the past has been used as a stone […]

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Monterey was the first stop on our voyage, already the furthest south we had ever sailed. For a significant part of my life, I’d been looking forward to seeing turquoise water, and believed  that finding one is a rare exception. But lo and behold, on our very first stop, here it is. Monterey is a […]

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Sausalito to Monterey

Monterey – 17 may to 22 may 2018 The night was cold, I’ve always hated the cold and have always looked forward to warmer days. However this night, the night of our first journey towards Monterey, I embraced it, because after this every step south, every nautical mile forward brings us closer to that warmer […]

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The Journey Begins

Time moves…in such a way that it’s hard to hold onto firmly. You dream. You work. Before you realize it your dream is about to come into fruition. We are on the cusp, days away from starting a new life. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that in a few short days […]

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